Advanced nth-child Selectors

Frontend developers have long known that CSS nth-child selectors may be combined to yield interesting and practical results. Most commonly, this technique is applied to select all items in a list when there are more than N children, less than N children, exactly N children, or between N and M children. However these simple selectors may also be combined in other ways to produce even more advanced selectors.

Learn how to use complex CSS nth-child selectors

The URL is Dead, Long Live the URL

I care about URLs. I have spent time ensuring the URLs for this site are clean, concise, uniform, readable, and easily sharable. I subscribe to the idea that cool URIs don’t change and that URLs are UI. Even while I recognize that the “appification” of the web has minimized the importance of URLs, and I expect URLs to become increasingly niche as computer interfaces become conversational, the URL remains the defining feature of “the web” as we know it today, and I believe we should design URLs to embolden visitors with confidence.

Learn how to setup a great URL structure
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