The URL is Dead, Long Live the URL

I care about URLs. I have spent time ensuring the URLs for this site are clean, concise, uniform, readable, and easily sharable. I subscribe to the idea that cool URIs don’t change and that URLs are UI. Even while I recognize that the “appification” of the web has minimized the importance of URLs, and I expect URLs to become increasingly niche as computer interfaces become conversational, the URL remains the defining feature of “the web” as we know it today, and I believe we should design URLs to embolden visitors with confidence.

Learn how to setup a great URL structure

Robots Directives

Search engines are powerful tools, yet it is surprisingly simple to provide direction to search engines and ensure that content is shown (and hidden) appropriately in search results. Likewise, it is surprisingly easy to make mistakes and instruct a search engine to show (or hide) content unintentionally. Understanding the basic tools that search engines provide content authors to guide search robots enables you to have important content appear in search results, and prevents you from making costly mistakes.

Discover how to control search engine crawling and indexing behavior

Canonical Links

Canonical links are frequently misunderstood by developers, marketers, content authors and SEOs. When used correctly, rel=canonical is a powerful tool that can improve search results for visitors. However, when used incorrectly, canonical links can be detrimental to search results, and may in some cases be ignored by search engines entirely.

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