Crafting 301 Redirects

When launching a website on a new platform or when changing the information architecture of a website, it is usually necessary to configure redirects to ensure users can locate the content they expect even when accessing the website via legacy URLs. These redirects also instruct search engines to reindex content at a new location and transfer page ranking.

Learn how locate and redirect URLs for URL migrations

CSS Font Units

When Marshall McLuhan coined the phrase “the medium is the message”, he referred to a concept which lends itself well to modern day web design. He contended that the medium in which a message is delivered affects how that message is perceived. In the same way, today’s web developers must select the appropriate font units for the medium where their work is presented. The choice of font units has a literal impact on how the message is perceived. Therefore, it is important for designers and developers alike to be aware of what units are available and when to use them.

Discover how to use relative font units to create flexible layouts
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